Our Team

Board of Directors

  • Dary Stone, President and CEO of R. D. Stone Interests and Chairman of the Tolleson Wealth Management Audit Committee
  • J. Carter Tolleson, CEO of Tolleson Wealth Management
  • Pamela Patsley, former CEO and Chairman of MoneyGram International, Inc.; currently a board member for several public companies; and chairman of Tolleson Wealth Management's Compensation Committee
  • John C. Tolleson, Executive Chairman of Tolleson Wealth Management
  • Debbie Tolleson, President of Tolleson Family Foundation
  • Eric Bennett, Chief Investment Officer of Tolleson Wealth Management
  • J. Richard Joyner, President of Tolleson Wealth Management
  • Gene Bishop, Retired Bank Executive and Advisory Director of Tolleson Wealth Management (deceased)
Integrated Team

We are one team, with a focus on the well-being of clients and one another. Innovation and collaboration are key elements to our brand and our approach. We built our business to serve, as evidenced by one of the highest advisor-to-client ratios in the industry.

Trusted Advisors

Our multi-family office design is intended to give clients a better view of their entire financial picture. We partner with them to meet their needs in every financial situation, across all facets of wealth management, no matter how simple or complex.


We serve our clients by understanding their needs. Our firm is staffed to provide a highly personal service that fosters strong, long-term relationships. We go the extra mile to ensure clients have an exceptional experience working with us.